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Standing In The Gap
Thank you for standing in the gap with Ends of the Earth Ministries as we cry out for people’s souls. A physical army begins each battle by raining down bombs to soften the target. Your prayers do exactly that in the spiritual realm. When you pray people’s eyes are opened and they are given an opportunity to turn to God and receive eternal salvation.

In Acts 26:18, Jesus said to Paul, ”I am sending you to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God…”  Our missionaries are fighting the same spiritual battle today.  Unbelievers are held under the power of Satan and he does not give them up without a fight.  Prayer is the strongest weapon we have in fighting Satan.


Protected from Gunmen

A story of God’s protection over our national missionaries working in the war zones of South Sudan.

Urgent Prayer Request Civil War South Sudan

South Sudan’s attempted coup last month has escalated to all out Civil War. Please pray for Wes Bentley and the 400 chaplains serving on the front lines. Please pray for the tens of thousands of displaced people that have been forced to flee their homes and relocate to neighboring countries.

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