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God has opened the door for Ends Of The Earth Ministries to partner with other Christian ministries that share our vision to reach every soul with the love of Jesus Christ. These partnerships have enabled EEM to touch many more lives in a short time and best utilize the resources God has given us.

Promise Child

We are privilege to have a strong partnership with Promise Child. Promise Child’s Primary goal is to bring hope to children through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Through meeting the basic individual needs of each child; such as food, clothing, shelter, and education; the light of Jesus Christ shines into their eyes, bringing an open door for the Gospel and a hope that does not disappoint. We have partnered with Promise Child to support and educate children living in remote areas of Sudan.

I am honored to serve as a Promised Child board member.

The God’s Story Project

Most of the people that we are reaching in Sudan do not have a written language and will never learn to read and write. The God’s Story Project has developed an 80 minute video evangelistic presentation of the Bible from creation to eternity that presents the Gospel in a story form to illiterate tribes. In the past Western missionaries would spend 20 years learning a language and culture in a remote village before they properly presented the gospel. Today our national missionaries are able to reach people with the love of Christ in a short period of time. With the oral Bible college we are now able to disciple adults living in this region that will never learn to read and write.

We are privileged to have a strong partnership with The God’s Story Project as it is equipping our national missionaries with the training and material they need to effectively reach and disciple the unreached tribe’s of South Sudan and Ethiopia.

There are still 900,000 unreached people in the region of Sudan that we are presently working. Please pray about becoming involved in touching the lives of people that are still waiting to hear the gospel for the first time.

Saving Grace World Missions

Saving Grace World Missions is a missions facilitating ministry that prepares, sends, and maintains missionaries for long term international service. SGWM has been assisting missionaries for more then a decade. They assist pastors in preparing their missionaries, advise them when needed, and work closely with their leadership on a continual basis. Their administrative staff is also available to assist in the needs of all long term missionaries.

SGWM provide comprehensive and diligent state side support that includes:

  • Receiving of contributions
  • Mailing of tax deductible receipts to donors
  • Mass e-mail of newsletters
  • Complete payroll service
  • Medical insurance benefits
  • Tax services
  • Pastoral support and counseling

Ends of the Earth Ministries partners with Saving Grace World Missions to keep our home office expenses very low. SGWM processes all EEM donations for a fraction of the cost of supporting our own personnel. When you give to EEM you will receive a receipt from SGWM.

Did You Know?

Only 2% of all American missionaries and financial donations are sent to the unreached. Please pray about becoming involved in touching the lives of millions of people that are still waiting to hear the gospel for the first time.