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New Life

We have witnessed the Lord do an amazing work of transformation in the lives of these Tauso children over the past four years. When we began our sponsorship program, these kids came to us with no understanding of basic hygiene or sanitation.

God’s Faithfulness in 2013

The Lord has used you this past year, through your co-laboring with Ends of the Earth Ministries to make an eternal difference in the lives of countless people in South Sudan. God has truly turned many from darkness to light.

Child Marriage Among the Forgotten People

Thirteen year old Natuk heard her father chain shut the stick door of their hut. In desperation, she knelt on the mud floor and cried out to Jesus to spare her from her father’s decision.

Unshackled – Set Free by Gods Love

A small group of native missionaries gathered the courage to approach the dilapidated concrete jail that still bore the shrapnel scars from Sudan’s recently ended war. To their surprise, the guards welcomed them to share “a message of hope” with the ten prisoners inside.

Left for Dead on the Road

Overwhelmed with joy, Zechariah sat and remembered that it was only a few months ago he had almost died of an illness. His new Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sent a missionary to his tribe to rescue him.

The Men Raised Their Machine Guns

Our missionaries noticed a stirring among the crowd as the Romans arrested Jesus and began to beat Him. The tribal people became so outraged at what was being done to Jesus that the men raised their AK-47 machine guns to fire at the screen.

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