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Recent Ministry Updates

Below you will find our most recent updates. If you would like to access specific updates please click on the menu below.

Place of Refuge

So thankful that God has provided a new home for our Taus children- out of the war zone and into safety. Please continue to pray as we raise the finances to complete the necessary renovations. https://youtu.be/D40yJmKa1p4

Missions Is Our Priority

We are so excited to share this powerful documentary with you. In this two minute video you will meet the children in our sponsorship program and see the joy of Jesus radiating from their faces. Witness the unreached tribes as they celebrate the expansion of our medical clinic

South Sudan Crisis Update Monday, July 25

The past two weeks have proven to be our most trying time this year. In South Sudan's capital city, Juba, the government forces and rebel soldiers have clashed bringing violence, instability and widespread chaos throughout the entire country. There is very little...

South Sudan Crisis Update Friday July 15

Yesterday, we lost all communication with South Sudan. We hope for the best that the cell towers had been switched off and yet fearing the worse that something terrible had happened. Our communication black-out ended this morning when I woke to James Nyika's call....

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